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Jane & Annabbel from Melbourne (attended July 2019)
Having always been fascinated by the philosophy of Kintsugi that something broken can be reassembled “to be even more beautiful” we made a trip to Sydney and enrolled in a 2day intensive course with Jun.
We had a fabulous couple of days – we were greeted with a warm welcome and our Kintsugi materials were well organised and waiting for us on our desk so we could get to work.
Jun explained the techniques clearly and thoroughly and provided written instructions as well. He was alongside us whilst we worked giving us encouragement and tips along the way. We now feel equipped and confident to practice these techniques at home and are so glad we came and did the course.
Both of us returned to Melbourne feeling refreshed and relaxed

Thankyou to Hitomi for her warm hospitality- we loved the Japanese tea and biscuits and laughing and chatting with you both throughout the course. If you love Kintsugi- we can not recommend this course more highly.


Jul 2019

Bought this course as a gift and the recipient loved the experience… she said it was very interesting and relaxing。

Sue Ellis • Jul 2019
This personlised workshop was excellent. Jun provided clear instruction and everything needed to create my first kintsugi. Highly recommended.

Felipe • Jul 2019
Jun is an excellent teacher. We had lots of fun! Highly recommended this course! fun!


Kay Veitch • Jul 2019
Absolutely wonderful. Jun was so caring and explained everything clearly. All was well prepared to maximise time and his notes are really clear. I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon


Joanna Yu • Jun 2019

Learning modern kintsugi from Jun was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. It is a hands on experience and I am excited to apply the skills learnt at home.


Jayne Dudney • Jun 2019
Great class! The teacher is so friendly and well organized. Perfect little touches to make me feel like I was the only student. Thanks heaps!

Jun was a fantastic teacher and lovely leader for our small class. Class sizes are small, so you get personalised attention. The workshop was lovely and the little break for tea and snacks was unexpected and nice to sit back while things dried. Very relaxing and informational. I think I’ll go back for the traditional class next!


Kristin Sutter • Jun 2019

Jacqueline Bell • Jun 2019
Great workshop, we learnt about both the practical and the philosophical parts of Kintsugi. Jun was a fantastic teacher!


Melinda Lamond • May 2019
I loved my Kintsugi workshop with Jun today. It was a nice introduction to the history of Kintsugi as well repairing a broken piece of pottery. Jun also runs a three day course which I hope to attend. It’s very relaxing and Jun is a lovely teacher. I would highly recommend

                                                     Cintia  from Southern highlands (attended June 2019)
Wonderful course! Jun really managed to organize a well planned course with lots to cover in 2 days for those of us living outside Sydney.
I have learned that Kintsugi is a beautiful art with a lot more to it than I expected. Jun made the course so enjoyable that, like with all things we truly enjoy, I found myself in the flow and time just flew by.
The course was well structured with handout notes and everything we needed supplied. Jun is an attentive and caring teacher, making sure we learn all the steps carefully.
Hitomi-san brings delicious Japanese tea and snacks during the breaks while we enjoyed a nice and relaxed chitchat. By the end of the course we produced a beautiful Kintsugi plate brought home wrapped in the traditional cloth inside a box with our names in Japanese. I really recommend this course! Thank you Jun-san!”
Domo arigatou!

Helen  from Brisbane (attended June 2019)

I really enjoyed the class and can’t wait to get started on practising the techniques and working on some more projects!
You are a great teacher and I have learned so much, but also realise there is so much more to learn.
I already have a request to make one for a friend.
I will send you some photos of what I make.
Thank you again

Christen  from Melbourne  (attended April 2019)

Attended the traditional kintsugi intensive workshop in April 2019.  The workshop is hands-on so expect to learn by doing.  Jun is an excellent teacher who presents a course that is informative, thorough and well planned. We were given information, written materials and a kit to continue to work on our projects after the classes are over.   I would highly recommend the course if you are visiting Sydney or can’t commit to a regular weekly session.  We also enrolled to learn the modern method over the weekend and would also recommend that if you have the time to do this also, it is very worthwhile to learn both techniques.  Thank you Jun!

Janice  from Melbourne  (attended April 2019)

Dear Jun,
I greatly enjoyed attending your 2 day weekend traditional Kintsugi and modern Kintsugi courses. You covered all the steps for both methods clearly and thoroughly, and your presentation was excellent.After completing your courses I feel confident to practice these techniques at home, and I appreciate that you have provided sufficient materials and written instructions for me to do this.

Thank you Jun, it was fun.
Please also thank your wife for her kind hospitality.

Kent from Perth( attended April 2019)

I am keen to try do it myself in Perth!  I really enjoyed it!


David Wan   Apr 2019
An enjoyable and fantastic experience! I would definitely recommend this to all my friends. Jun (the teacher) is very kind and friendly, leading you through the history, philosophy of Kintsugi with detailed and patient instructions for your hand-on experience. After 2 hours of workshop with chatting and laughing, you will have your own beautiful Kintsugi ceramics, a piece of art that you can display or use. And after the beginner workshop, now I feel like I can repair my family and my friends’ broken ceramics. I certainly enjoyed the entire experience, including the lovely tea break and Japanese cookies!


Jenny Braham • Apr 2019

Wonderful class. Jun was a fabulous teacher and we thoroughly enjoyed the day.
Came away with a lovely memento of our class.

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