Kintsugi is the unique and ancient Japanese art of repairing broken, chipped and cracked pottery using lacquer mixed with gold. Pottery repaired using Kintsugi dates back to 16th century Japan (the Muromachi period) and makes use of many crafts using lacquer, one of which is called “Makie” which grew alongside the Japanese philosophy of the tea ceremony which comes from a belief in the beauty of imperfections. Pottery repaired using Kintsugi techniques are seen at museums and many of these pieces are recognised as highly treasured antiques and cultural assets.

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Kintsugi History
Dates back to the Muromachi period (1338-1573), when Yoshimasa Ashikaga, the 8th Shogun of the Ashikaga shogunate, accidentally cracked a pottery piece, which he had been treasuring. He sent the piece to China to get it repaired, however noone had the skill to repair cracked pottery, so the piece was sent back with a clamp on it.

義政       足利義政(Ashikaga Yoshimasa)1436-1489




Yoshimasa was not pleased with the appearance of this, so he ordered the craftsmen to find a better solution to repair the cracked pottery. This is said to be the beginning of kintsugi in Japan

He was a shogun, a hereditary commander-in-chief, but took barely any responsibilities in politics. However, you could say that he has played an important role in shaping Japanese culture.

              The Ginkakuji temple in Kyoto was built by Yoshimasa in 1490.


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