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We team of Kintsugi Australia, offer workshops where you can learn the traditional and Modern Kintsugi techniques in Sydney CBD .  We also travel out side of Sydney and hold a course. Some other state such as VIC (every 1-2 months)and QLD (every 2-3 months).  

We sell some Kintsugi arts as well. Please find them in our Shop page.
Our shop in our studio where we hold classes, so please contact us before you visit us.

For all inquiries, including media, please email to this address.


Jun Moooka and Team of Kintsugi Australia (Hitomi, Kumi, Noriko, Miyoko and Masano)

Our company history

Kintsugi Australia was established in 2018 by Jun Morooka.

About JUN Morooka

Jun was born in Tokyo in 1959, and came to Australia in 1984.  He stayed a year and became fan of Australia. After he went back to Japan, he took the national qualification of a cook, then migrated to Australia in 1987. One of reasons he decided to move was because he wanted Australians to know more about Japan, Japanese culture, especially Japanese food. Jun’s dream has come true in 2008, he finally owned a busy Japanese restaurant.

He came across the art of Kintsugi when he watched the Japanese TV.  At that time many plates were broken in his restaurant, and he thought that Kintsugi was a good method to repair them !

During his self studying of Kintsugi, he was also fascinated by philosophy of Kintsugi !

An object is sometimes broken. however, this is part of its life, and rather than throw it away it can be repaired and the cracks remain to show its history. We can repair not only broken objects, but also deep sorrow, broken heart, relationship, our health by something else. Kintsugi is just like our life, exactly the same !

He bought a Kintsugi-kit online and tried to do it by himself, but the result was not satisfy enough. He looked for Kintsugi master in Australia but couldn’t find any, then decided to go to Japan to learn it.

He went Japan 2-3 times a year, and then he began leaning Kintsugi seriously start in 2015.

Jun sold his restaurant in 2017 and flew to Japan to pursue the art of Kintsugi for one year. He has been studying under 5 different Masters of Kintsugi across Japan since 2015.

Interestingly, each master has a different approach and using slightly different technique.  He also found that he couldn’t get materials here in Australia. Some materials Jun put them together, studied and established his own method.

In 2018, he founded Kintsugi Australia to spread the knowledge beauty of Kintsugi to Aussies and the world.


☆ Jun is a lecturer at the Sydney Community College Kintsugi workshop!


Jun’s Kintsugi was featured on the several media’s, please have a Look !

Jun presented a Kintsugi lesson to Bella and Locky in The Bachelor Australia aired on Channel 10 on 17th Sep 2020

Hitomi and Jun presented a Kintsugi Accessory lesson to Amanda in The Living Room aired on Channel 10 on 21st May 2021

Jun presented a Kintsugi lesson in Sydney Weekender aired on Channel 7 on 18th July 2021

  • “Kintsugi is beautiful” by ABC

 Jun’s Kintsugi Art

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Please note: It may be difficult to answer calls during class hours, so should you have any queries please email me at kintsugi2000@gmail.com

Thank you very much !