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Kintsugi Class in Japan

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Kintsugi class in Sydney


Kintsugi workshop for beginners

     ☆ Modern Kintsugi ☆


What is Modern Kintsugi?

Modern kintsugi is Jun’s original technique for kintsugi.
The basics of this technique are similar to the traditional kintsugi technique which has a history of 500years.

The only difference is the materials used. By using modern materials such as epoxy resin, it can bepracticed by anyone with ease.

The appearance of the final product made using the modern technique isvery similar to that of a kintsugi piece made using the traditional technique.

The materials used to create the piece can be bought at your local hardware store, so you are able to enjoy
kintsugi at home once you master the art of modern kintsugi.


Mon, ,Tue,Thu,Fri,Sat ,Sun    10:30~   13:30~

Mon,Tue,Thur,Fri  18:00~

☆Artarmon Class

Apr/6 ,  May/4 ,  Jun/ 8 ,  Jul/6,   Aug/3,   Sep/7,   Oct/5,  Nov/2,  Dec/7

1.5 to 2 hours

A $ 120(including material cost)


David Wan (attended on 22 Apr 2019)

An enjoyable and fantastic experience! I would definitely recommend this to all my friends. Jun (the teacher) is very kind and friendly, leading you through the history, philosophy of Kintsugi with detailed and patient instructions for your hand-on experience. After 2 hours of workshop with chatting and laughing, you will have your own beautiful Kintsugi ceramics, a piece of art that you can display or use. And after the beginner workshop, now I feel like I can repair my family and my friends’ broken ceramics. I certainly enjoyed the entire experience, including the lovely tea break and Japanese cookies!


Jun was featured on ABC NEWS


Please make a booking by Email

☆ Traditional Kintsugi ☆


Basic course (3 Lessons 3Weeks)  

Using lacquer, the same way as 500 years ago

☆ City Class only

Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri,Sat ,Sun    10:30~   13:30~
Mon,Tue,Thur,Fri                      18:00~

(1.5~2 h per session)

☆You can book a convenient time on a convenient day.

Tuition fee – $396
Material cost – $44(using substitute goldpowder)



Please make a booking by Email

☆After completing the basic course , you may come to Kintsugi Dojo 


Course for people who live outside of Sydney

Traditional Kintsugi Short term Intensive Weekend 2 days Course

This is a short-term intensive course for people living in cities other than Sydney.
In the 2 days of weekend Saturday and Sunday, the traditional Kintsugi repair methodL.
When you finish this course you can repair the instrument yourself by traditional Kintsugi method.
See you in Sydney!!

Held Every Weekend (9/May~3/Jun    21/Dec~11/Jan2020 wiill not held)

Tuition fee –$ 396 (3lessons)
Material cost – $74 (Kintsugi set included)

Christene  from Melburne  (attended on20,21/April 2019)

attended the traditional kintsugi intensive workshop in April 2019.  The workshop is hands-on so expect to learn by doing.  Jun is an excellent teacher who presents a course that is informative, thorough and well planned. We were given information, written materials and a kit to continue to work on our projects after the classes are over.   I would highly recommend the course if you are visiting Sydney or can’t commit to a regular weekly session.  We also enrolled to learn the modern method over the weekend and would also recommend that if you have the time to do this also, it is very worthwhile to learn both techniques.  Thank you Jun!

Janice  from Melburne  (attended on20,21/April 2019)

Dear Jun,
I greatly enjoyed attending your 2 day weekend traditional Kintsugi and modern Kintsugi courses. You covered all the steps for both methods clearly and thoroughly, and your presentation was excellent.After completing your courses I feel confident to practice these techniques at home, and I appreciate that you have provided sufficient materials and written instructions for me to do this.

Thank you Jun, it was fun.
Please also thank your wife for her kind hospitality.


Kent from Perth( attended on 8/April 2019)

I am keen to try do it myself in Perth!  I really enjoyed it!


Jun is able to travel interstate under following conditions:

1,Providing enough space to hold a course

2,All applicants must undertake both the 2-Day Traditional Kintsugi course and the Modern Kintsugi course.

3,The insurance of the place where the course is held can be applied.

4,There is accommodation within walking distance from the place where the course is held

☆Melbourne、 Brisbane、Canbera  Applicants are to provide the venue, 6 or more students are required.

☆Adelaide Applicants are to provide the venue, 8 or more students are required.

☆Cairns, Perth & Hobart Applicants are to provide the venue, 10 or more students are required.

Cancellation costs apply once the sessions are agreed.

Please make a booking by Email

Kintsugi Accessory Class     June 15 start

In this beginner’s class, you will learn some of the techniques of Kintsugi and basic knowledge required for making accessories.
You will make two pieces. Please choose from the below on the day:
– One pair of pierced earrings (or ear clips)
– One pendant top and one brooch




Jun was featured on ABC NEWS

Kintsugi Dojo and Advanced class


After completing the basic course, you will be able to participate in the
Kintsugi Dojo.

You can repair your favorite vessel by yourself while receiving the advice.

You can also buy green tea bowls and dishes at the studio.

Mon, Thu,Fri,Sat ,Sun    10:30~12:30    13:30~15;30
Mon,Thur,Fri                      18:00~20:00

$44 (2hours)
Material cost not included



Please make a booking by Email

Address :  Suite402, 235Clarence street, Sydney 2000
  TEL 02-9262-2258 / 0418-175-507 (JUN)

Web :

Please note: It may be difficult to answer calls during class hours, so you have any queries please email me at