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Kintsugi Class in Japan

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Kintsugi class in Sydney


☆ Modarn Kintsugi  ☆


Mordarn kintsugi Workshop

It is an introductory course for Modern Kintsugi.
Repair broken small plates using epoxy adhesive and epoxy putty

Mon, ,Thu,Fri,Sat ,Sun    10:30~   13:30~
Mon,Thur,Fri                       18:00~

☆Artarmon Class
3/9,   4/6 ,  5/4 ,  6/8 ,  7/6 ,   8/3,   9/7,   10/5,  11/2,  12/7

1.5 to 2 hours

A $ 125(including material cost)

Please make a booking by Email

☆ Traditional Kintsugi ☆


Basic course  (3 Lessons)  

Using lacquer, the same way as 500 years ago

☆ City Class only

Mon, Thu,Fri,Sat ,Sun    10:30~   13:30~
Mon,Thur,Fri                      18:00~

(1.5~2 h per session)

☆ You can book a convenient time on a convenient day.
Please book the next lesson 7 days or more later.

  Tuition fee – $396(INC GST)
Material cost – $33(using substitute goldpowder)

Please make a booking by Email

☆After completing the basic course , you may come to Kintsugi Dojo 

Kintsugi Dojo

After completing the basic course, you will be able to participate in the
Kintsugi Dojo.
You can repair your favorite vessel by yourself while receiving the advice. You can also buy green tea bowls and dishes at the studio.

Mon, Thu,Fri,Sat ,Sun    10:30~12:30    13:30~15;30
Mon,Thur,Fri                      18:00~20:00

$ 55 tax included each time
Material cost not included

Please make a booking by Email

Short term Intensive Weekend 2 days Special Course

Course for those who live far away and can not attend regular lessons.    In the 2 days of weekend Saturday and Sunday, the traditional Kintsugi repair methodL. When you finish this course you can repair the instrument yourself by traditional Kintsugi method.

Tuition fee –$ 396
Material cost – $44 (using substitute gold powder)

4/13,14    4/27,28     5/4,5    6/15,16   6/29,30    7/27,28   8/10,11    8/31,9/1   9/28,29    10/12,13   10/26,27   11/9,10      12/14,15   12/28,29

Please make a booking by Email

Repair by yourself

The course of the person who wants to repair it without ending the basic class.
In this class, you can repair your own broken piece of pottery with substitute gold powder. You may require more sessions depending on your plate, material cost may change depending on the size of the plate.
You can choose modern or traditional

$ 88 tax included each time

Material cost – From $33

Please make a booking by Email

☆ we have a Repair Class at Gojyuan(Balmain)  please check Website

Address :  Suite402, 235Clarence street, Sydney 2000
  TEL 02-9262-2258 / 0418-175-507 (JUN)

Web :

Please note: It may be difficult to answer calls during class hours, so you have any queries please email me at

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