Ceramic Repair Course

In this course, suitable for beginners, you will repair your own broken ceramics using traditional methods or modern method.

This is the first class in a ceramic repair course.

Fee $120- (All Material fees are included except Gold powder)
2 hours

At this first session, your teacher will discuss with you about the course. Material fee will be different if you’d like to use traditional method, pure gold, size of the ceramics…etc…

You also will discuss with your teacher how many lessons in total your object will need to be repaired, It depends on the size of the ceramics, the number of debris and the repair method.

During the class your teacher will assist you and give you advice to beautifully repair your ceramics, giving them a second chance.

This class is held in a relaxed setting and kept intentionally small for a one-on-one learning experience. Learn more about the wonderful art of Kintsugi, enjoy a mindful activity, discover the beauty of imperfection and the importance of reusing to contribute to a sustainable planet.

The cost of this class covers the first session of this course. You will need more than one lesson to repair your item.
Additional sessions and fees will be determined in the first class.

From the second lesson onwards the cost of a class is $44 per hour.

As a guideline, if a small plate broken into three pieces and is repaired with the modern method it will take between one or two sessions. Repair with the traditional method requires four to five lessons.

If you’d like to purchase Grass Gold powder, it cost $3 per gram-

Please book from here ! (This is available only in Sydney class)